Did you know that our staff knows who did not read the pre-surgical instructions or the basic instructions sent in the appointment text?   How do we know?

We hear the following almost every day with "I didn't know"  

"Do you take a check?"

The cat is in a cardboard carrier

"Do I have to pay this morning?"

I have been here since 7:30 AM waiting on you

"I have left over pain meds from my other pet" - this is very dangerous! 

Your pet received steroids within the past 45 days

You ask us to call your vet for the rabies information because you forgot it

"I forgot the rabies document but he has his tag on"

"She just had babies a few weeks ago."

Is it a feral or a stray or a rescue?

Feral: You cannot touch a feral cat.  It must be trapped in order to bring it for an appointment.   

Stray: If a cat shows up at your house or you find one and are getting it altered, it is called a stray.   There is a big difference in how our staff handles a feral cat versus a stray cat. 

Rescue: A rescue animal is one that is being altered by a licensed rescue organization in the state of Georgia. 

S.A.F.E. Saving Animals From Euthanasia, Inc.




  S.A.F.E. has spayed/neutered over 20,000 animals since May 2013.

We attribute our success to the mission of providing high quality services for every animal.

S.A.F.E. highly recommends that all pet owners establish a relationship with a local veterinarian for the lifetime care of your pets.