S.A.F.E. is a non-profit organization.  

If you schedule an appointment and do not show up, you have cost our organization in time, supplies, staffing, and space.   Please be courteous and provide at least 48 hours notice if you cannot keep the appointment. 

S.A.F.E. Saving Animals From Euthanasia, Inc.


P. O. Box 7685   Macon, GA 31204


Information Needed:


Telephone Number

Dog or Cat

Male or Female

Weight of Dog

Location requested


  Call 478-550-5050 for an appointment  

 We respond as quickly as possible to all calls.  Due to our busy schedule, it can sometimes take a few days.

Please do not leave multiple messages.   

  We will text an appointment to you.    If you do not have texting capability, please advise us.   

Without all of the information, we may not be able to process your request.        

   Phone number and location are most frequently left off in messages


   We will offer you the soonest available slot for your request.

We accept



Debit/Credit Cards Only

We do not accept Care Credit


Please note:


You must be on time for your appointment.  

Our ability to have your pets ready for discharge is based on start time.   DO NOT SIT IN YOUR CAR and wait for the line to decrease.   We pull clipboards at 8:30 and if you are not there, you will have to reschedule.    


In order for your appointment to go smoothly, we ask that you please read the pre-surgical instructions so you will be prepared.   We can easily recognize those who don't!    

We will offer you the soonest available appointment  

Be courteous!  If you call to request an appointment, we expect you to respond to the appointment sent so staff does not have to spend time tracking you down for a confirmation or denial.  


Tues Nov 7     Macon Pet Supermarket - FULL

Wed Nov 8      Warner Robins Tractor Supply - FULL

Thurs Nov 9    Griffin Ingles - FULL

Fri Nov 10       Macon Pet Supermarket - FULL

Mon Nov 13    Macon Pet Supermarket - FULL

Tues Nov 14   Warner Robins Tractor Supply - FULL

Wed Nov 15    Thomaston Ingles - FULL

Thurs Nov 16  Macon Pet Supermarket - Cats Full

CLOSED Fri Nov 17 - Mon Nov 27 for Thanksgiving Holidays

Tues Nov 28     Macon Pet Supermarket

Wed Nov 29.     Warner Robins Tractor Supply 

Thurs Nov 30.   Griffin Ingles ​- Cats Full


Friday Dec 1    Macon Pet Supermarket

Mon Dec 4       Macon Pet Supermarket

Tues Dec 5      Barnesville Ingles

Wed Dec 6       Warner Robins Tractor Supply

Thurs Dec 7     Macon Pet Supermarket

Tues Dec 12     Macon Pet Supermarket

Wed Dec 13      Thomaston Ingles

Thurs Dec 14    Warner Robins Tractor Supply

Fri Dec 15         Macon Pet Supermarket

Mon Dec 18      Macon Pet Supermarket

Tues Dec 19     Warner Robins Tractor Supply

Wed Dec 20      Macon Pet Supermarket

CLOSED Dec 21 - Jan 1 for the Holidays

IF YOUR PET IS PRODUCING MILK - we will not spay her.  Please wait to schedule your appointment once the puppies or kittens are weaned.   It takes approximately 2 weeks for the mother to dry up and be ready for surgery. 

If your pet is over 5 years old, please inform us when scheduling the appointment.   Pets over 5 years are at increased risk for anesthesia complications and may be better suited in a full service clinic where age appropriate drug protocols can be utilized.   Our veterinarian will offer an exam to determine if your pet is a candidate for surgery with us.