Arrival Time is 8:15 for all animals



Our unit arrives at 8:00 to begin preparations.  We start check in at 8:15 after our staff performs equipment safety checks.

It is essential that you arrive on time.  We will have a representative who will note your arrival.  Due to the high volume of late arrivals, we have implemented a strict arrival policy.  Please do not sit in your car past 8:15 waiting as this could result in refusal because we did not know you were there.   IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED PAPERWORK BY 8:30, YOUR PET WILL BE RESCHEDULED.   We make every effort to move the line as quickly as possible.   

The State of Georgia and SAFE requires that all animals 12 weeks and older be vaccinated for rabies. The charge is $10.  If your pet has had a rabies vaccination within the past year, you must provide the paper documentation at check in.  A rabies tag is not proof.  Our staff does not have time to contact your veterinarian.  If you do not provide the document, we will administer the vaccine again.  We will also provide discharge instructions and the pick up time for that afternoon. 

FOR DOGS:  Write on a piece of paper to bring with you, your name, your pet's name, your phone number and any vaccinations/testing or additional pain medication (2 days max) you would like to purchase.  We will use that paper as your pet's ID card on their cage.  Your pet will be taken into the unit and placed in the cage reserved for him/her. 

FOR CATS:   Please label your carrier with your name, your pet's name, your phone number, and any vaccinations (rabies and/or FVRCP) you would like to purchase.  

If your dog must be muzzled due to aggression toward people or other dogs, it will be refused.   We cannot allow an animal to be muzzled while in our care.   

Check in can be noisy and somewhat stressful, but the animals do settle down very quickly once the doors are shut and soft music is on.  Your pets are monitored continuously while in our care.  We will not open the door after check in.   Your pet deserves our undivided attention.    SAFE does not leave the location.  All animals are spayed/neutered in the surgical suite on our mobile unit.  


Our veterinarian examines every animal.   He/She starts exams while loading.   If your animal is found to have a condition that he/she feels will compromise your pet, you will be contacted.   Our veterinarian's decision is final.   Because we are a high volume clinic, we utilize drug protocols for young healthy animals.   If your pet is over 5 years old, they may not be suitable in this setting.   Our veterinarian will make that decision based on the exam.   Other reasons for refusal are obesity, coughing, eye or nose discharge, hair loss, poor body conditioning.   Again, our veterinarian's decision is final.


We are not a full service veterinary clinic and do not carry products for sale.  Your regular veterinarian can provide for those needs.   We strongly encourage you to establish a relationship with a local veterinarian for the lifetime care of your pet.   We will notify you of any abnormal findings and encourage you to seek further veterinary care before surgery can be performed.     We are spay/neuter only.  We provide vaccinations for the animals we are spaying/neutering that day.  We do not offer vaccinations to other animals in the household.  Your regular veterinarian can provide for that.   We do spay females in heat at no extra charge.   We spay pregnant females as long as they are not about to deliver or are not producing milk.    If your pet has had steroids in the past 45 days, they will be refused as steroids inhibit the healing process, which could result in post-surgical complications. 

PAYMENT:   Payment will be taken at discharge.  We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.   NO CHECKS!  We do not accept Care Credit.   We ask that you review our fees section for exact pricing so you will be prepared.   There is a $2.50 processing fee for use of debit/credit cards.


SAFE follows protocols recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.   All animals are placed under general anesthesia with the exception of male cats.  Male cats are given intramuscular anesthesia along with a testicular block.   Your male cat is completely sedated while being neutered.  We provide pain medication pre and post operatively for every animal.   If we feel your pet needs additional pain medication while being monitored after surgery, it will be given at no extra charge, as some animals do require additional pain management.      


If we finish surgeries early and all animals have had ample recovery time and have been cleared by our veterinarian for discharge, we will contact you for an early pick up.   If you do not hear from us, plan to pick up at the time you were given that morning.    We do not keep animals overnight.  We feel your pet is most comfortable at home and best monitored by you.


The discharge instruction sheet is VERY IMPORTANT.  Please read it!  Over 99% of calls to our emergency number are for issues that are addressed on it.   Proper post op care is essential for your pet's recovery.   We provide our emergency number on the discharge sheet.   This is for emergencies only.   Our emergency hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Friday during normal business hours.   Please be prepared to provide pictures of your emergency via cell phone.   If your emergency is after 6:00 PM and cannot wait until the next morning, there are 24 hour emergency clinics listed on your discharge sheet.  


THERE IS A $35 LATE FEE IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 10 MINUTES LATE PICKING UP.  This fee is not optional.  Discharge proceeds very quickly and if you are late, our staff is delayed in the cleaning process, which increases our cost.   

Please notify anyone else picking your pet up that we have a late fee policy.  If your pet is not picked up, it will be considered abandoned and taken to the local animal shelter where you will be responsible for any fees and/or legal charges under the policies of that facility.

Discharge proceeds very quickly.  For dogs, you will be shown the incision site so you know how it looks at the time of discharge and can recognize any changes.   If your pet has been noted to lick the site, you will be advised to purchase an E collar to prevent incisional complications.  Our staff will go over quick instructions with you, answer any questions you may have, and provide the additional pain meds if you purchased them at check in.     Cats are discharged in their carriers for safety reasons.   Please make sure you check your pet's incision site once at home.   The area should remain clean and dry.   Do not put anything on the incision site!   There are no outward sutures as they are all internal.  We apply skin adhesive to provide a barrier for contamination at the site.   Please DO NOT apply additional adhesive if you detect a problem as this could result in infection.   CALL US!  


No food after midnight.  All animals may have water on the morning of surgery. 

For kittens less than 6 months old; feed 1 teaspoon of food on the morning of surgery to help them maintain blood sugar levels.

Cats MUST be in a CLEAN carrier.  Dirty carriers can lead to postop wound infections.   We document carrier condition on our reports.

Cats/kittens arriving in cardboard boxes will be refused.   We cannot see nor monitor them and they often escape from their owners in the parking lot.    Cats/kittens in soft sided carriers can easily escape.  Please use caution with these carriers. 

‚ÄčYou may purchase additional pain meds AT CHECK IN for $5 per day.   Studies show that animals recover faster, heal better, and have fewer complications when provided additional pain meds.   We are currently offering additional pain meds for dogs only.   All animals receive an injection for pain good for 24 hours that is included in the surgical fee. 

We spay females in heat at no extra charge.  If your female is producing milk, we will not spay her.   We will spay pregnant females as long as they are not about to deliver and are not producing milk.  

We look forward to seeing you and your pet for your appointment.   We hope these instructions have provided the information you need to make your visit go smoothly with us.    Thank you for choosing S.A.F.E.  and please tell your friends and coworkers about us!